Baptism card for Abigaelle

Dear crafters,

The card I share with you today is one I made for a baptism. I made it in no time, I just received the order and a half hour later it was made! This doesn’t happen to me a lot. Normally I need some time to process the different elements one asks me to add to the card. But this one just came out of my fingers without thinking about it. When I delivered the card to my customer, she asked me why I did add a butterfly. I know people often add a bird to baptism cards, but I didn’t want to fall in the “everybody does” category. I love the butterfly because it is for me a sign of purity, simplicity, natural beauty and innocence. I chose to make my butterfly white to add even more accent to the innocence (cleanness) and purity of the child to be baptized. What do you think?

See ya next week!

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