Hello baby – Iris fold inspiration

Hi bloggies,

A quick post today as it’s already late… This card was inspired by the play date cafe color challenge and by the iris fold technique. I say inspired, because iris folding is a technique that involves folding strips of colored paper in such a way to form a design. So, that’s what I did. However, the center of the design should form an iris, which I didn’t do as I wanted the buggy to look as real as possible. I made an other one of these cute little buggy cards, but didn’t take a picture yet. So that one will be for another post…

Hope you like it,

I’m off to sleep now, see ya….

6 thoughts on “Hello baby – Iris fold inspiration

    • Hi Daphne and welcome to my blog!
      To create the pattern, use a circle cutter (mine is from creative memories) but only cut out 3/4 of the circle. Using a craft knife, finish the pattern by cutting two perpendicular lines to the middle of the circle. Fold thin paper strips and layer them on the backside of your cut out pram. And there you have it, just finish off with some ribbon and buttons… Have fun!!!

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