Green cage necklace and earring set

Dear friends,

Today I have some confessions to make. As you have noticed, my posting isn’t very regular anymore lately and I can finally tell you why. There are big changes coming up in our lives : We are moving back to Europe. Yes, our Canada years are over. Of course we are leaving with a bit of regret as we loved living here, but going back closer to family is a good feeling too. The only thing is that we only have 2 months to set up the cross Atlantic move. We work hard to get all our papers ready, to finish up our jobs here and to fill boxes (every day a bit). So, that’s why I’m less present lately and I am sorry for that, but I promise I will try to get to my blog and share some of my previous work with you every time I have a little spare time. I still have some open orders, so anyway, I will be crafting although less intensely.

But enough about me, here is one f the two of the green « cage » necklaces (as I call it) I made this summer. I made several of these with blue or red miracle pearls (which were sold immediately) and I thought I would try it with different kinds of beads. These ones contain imitation pearls, miracle beads and silver-foil glass beads. The wire-wrapping is made of aluminium. The  pair of earrings are made of those same beads mounted on headpins.  I hope you like this necklace – earring set! Don’t forget you can get yours on etsy !

Have a nice crafty day !


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