Panda love…

Hi bloggers,

Today I share with you a card I made for a special friend, my boyfriend’s brother. He is the one who helps me with my blog and gives me tips on how to use my pinterest account, my twitter posts, my facebook page… I made this card for his birthday in august. He is a fervent panda lover and is all about Asia. So I wanted to make him something personal including those two elements. I searched the net for punch art pandas, but couldn’t find one that satisfied my own “panda-view”. So, I designed one myself. He is completely made out of circles and ovals. Doesn’t he look cute? The bamboo stamp used is handmade. I cut out the bamboo section from a foam cushion and did some generational stamping to create the degrading color effect. I cut out “happy birthday” in Chinese characters using my cricut and finished the card with some doodling. How do you like it? I can tell you that I hit the rose with this one! My friend immediately posted photos of his card on his facebook page, so I think he was really happy with it!

Happy surfing!

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