Hello Kitty birthday gift

Hi everyone,

I worked a lot on a little project a couple of weeks ago which was running around in my head for some time. There is this little, lovely girl I had to leave behind when we left Canada, and I miss her sooooo much. It was her birthday a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to get her something special. But you know how life can be, I didn’t have the time to get to it… BUT even though her birthday is over, I still wanted to make her this special gift.

IMG_8363IMG_8366As you can see on the pictures, I made her a complete hello kitty jewellery set with matching greeting card. I have to stress that I made all the beads myself using polymer clay. I designed a cane and reduced it to a ΒΌ inch diameter. Both the process of designing the cane and the building of a complex cane were a very first for me, and I am quiet happy with the result! However, I must admit that, although I did not completely follow it, I found a “Hello Kitty cane” example on the net, which made the task easier (see here). Building the cane took me 3h, followed by 1.5h bead making/cutting/rolling, baking, 1h sanding and finally assembling the set. So it took me almost the whole day, but the little girl is worth it! The necklace is closed with sliding knots, so she can adjust the length of the necklace at her convenience. For the card, I used my cricut and a free download I found here.

So hope she likes it and hope you do too,

see ya later!!!

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