Chunky style necklace and matching earrings : Case study

IMG_8402I found this nice necklace on pinterest and wanted to make something of it. Although the temptation was big to completely copy the design, I thougth it was better to make a different version while keeping some details. So I kept the big chunky bead in the middle and the part with the multiple rows. I however made a longer version of the necklace as I thought this would better fit with my design and completely changed the set of beads used.

IMG_8404The beads areĀ : yellow agate, labradorite chips, tiger eye beads and miracle beads. They are intercalated by different colors of seed beads. Can you image that the necklace (and its earrings) were sold one week laterĀ ?



2 thoughts on “Chunky style necklace and matching earrings : Case study

  1. Looks really sound and stunning and I'm willing to get chunky style necklace and matching earrings and I hope that this type of necklace would be a great choice as a gift of my little sister to her birthday. Thanks

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