Showcase baby card study – zoo babies again

Hi folks,

I remember having promised you to post the whole series of cards I made as “examples” for a couple of friends which asked me to make their baby announcement cards. Well, I did showcase the first one (follow the link:  a girly giraffe), but none of the others came on line due to lack of time for making pics and writing posts. Therefore, this time, I prepared all my posts and you will be getting them all in the comming weeks!
On everyone of the cards I tried to showcase something different (color, texture, sketch, …) so that the parents could have an idea of what was possible, and combine in the end the different elements they liked from the different cards to make their own personalized baby announcement card set.

IMG_8842So here is the first one: I knew the mom liked the zoo babies stamp set, so I tried to use the baby animals on my cards. I also added this kind of window under which I placed the elephant. I liked both the colors and the sketch on this one. What do you like?

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