Showcase baby card study – Personalized embossing

This is the 3rd card of the baby case study series (for previous ones look here: baby card case study series). I wanted to showcase the possibility of “personalized embossing” on this card. You may indeed have noticed, that I dry embossed the baby’s name on the card. I didn’t want anything to interfere with the impression the embossing made so I kept the design pretty simple and without embellishments around the embossing. IMG_8843

Of course, the idea was that the parents could include this embossing on a more sophisticated design, or even realize the potential of personalized embossing (and they have as you will see on the last version in a couple of days…). You may recognize the little train from Fiskars, but that’s actually the only thing I put on this card.
Hope you like the idea of personalized embossing! See ya …

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