Showcase baby card study – The final winner

IMG_8827As a last post of the baby case study series I showcase here the card the parents chose and adapted to their taste. The design is almost identical to the “monkey business” cards except:
1) they asked me to design a baby feet embossing background (instead of the clouds),
2) the little bow got a new place,
3) they asked me to create a die cut with the baby’s name.

I made two full boxes of these and the parents added a picture of the newborn inside every card. Of course I added a little monkey to the envelope as I love coordinating things.

If you remember, I made a mini-album for these same parents using this design. If you want to see it, just follow this link: Personalized Baby Present.

So hope you liked my mini series! If you want to see the whole series again, look here: baby card case study series)

See ya…

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