I’m five LEGO card

Hi everyone,

Today I have a LEGO themed card for you. I made this one for a little boy whom just turned 5. They grow so fast isn’t it? I chose this theme because when I think of little boys, it is the first toy that comes in mind together with little cars. Don’t get me wrong, I do not restrict LEGO to boys, I too have always loved LEGO and played with it for many years (and still love “helping” little ones to build their creations!).

I'm five LEGO card by Crealotte Design As you can see in the picture, I raised the LEGO “buttons” on 3d foam and added a bit of faux reflection using a gel pen. I have seen this kind of cards many times on pinterest, and I wanted to give it a try myself…

I'm five LEGO card by Crealotte DesignOn the inside I added an extra LEGO head to stay within the theme.

I'm five LEGO card by Crealotte DesignI liked making this card and it came quickly together too. Don’t you think this card would be the perfect along with a LEGO present or as an announcement for taking the child to legoland…? Hope you like it!

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