Little girl’s pocket card

handmade pocket card by Crealotte DesignLast week I showed you a card I made for a customer featuring the zodiac sign and ascendancy of a newborn baby. Today, I have another card featuring both these signs, but this time it is for a two year old girl. As I thought it would not be so funny for a little girl to have “adult” symbols on her card, I decided to make a girly pocket card and to put the signs on the inside. This way, both the adults and the girl would get something they liked.IMG_8706I like the little folded ribbon on the top which keeps the pocket closed! What do you like about this card? Have a nice day!

Fotoshoot gift card with motion lens

Today I share with you a custom card I made for someone who will receive a fotoshoot as birthday gift. I had to make a kind of gift card where the surprise read “Good for a photoshoot with Bernard delhalle photography”. I thus made this envelope card with a big camera inside from which the lens could be moved to the left and the text would appear. I like the idea of “hiding” info on cards or scrapbook pages! personalized card for fotoshoot - by Crealotte DesignHope you like today’s card and don’t hesitate to leave me your idea’s on how you would have done it…

Honeycomb thank you card

Today I have a very quick thank you card. This one came together very quickly as I used some assorted scraps and the hexagon punch. The background in embossed with the honeycomb texture plate.

Honeycomb thank you card by crealotte design

I added some faux stitching just to finish off certain tiles and I put the thank you note on dimensional adhesive to make it come out. The stamp was inked with markers instead of an inkpad in order to be able to switch colours between the words in the middle and the hexagone dots on the outside.

I hope this easy card gets you inspired to make some quick cards yourself…

New baby card: Hanging baby clothes

Today I have another baby card for you. I made this one for some friends who just got their second child.

New baby card by crealotte DesignThe background of this new baby card is embossed with little clouds and I added two clouds made with the cupcake punch from Stampin’up. The clothes are made with the owl builder punch. I like to use my punches in a different way than the one they were initially intended to, it allows for so much more creativity…

Hope you liked it!

Flowers all around

Hello everyone! Today I’m here with lots of flowers! This card was meant as a thank you note for someone active in horticulture. I stamped the background with the wood grain stamps and stamped flower pots in every cube. I thought this card looked like sunshine, don’t you think? I hope the person will like his handmade card!

Flower thank you card by Crealotte DesignI’m off now towards more crafting fun!

How to use of vellum on a card?

This card was made for baby Anthony. I wanted something simple but at the same time different from what I usually make. I thus decided to use vellum on this one. Vellum gives a soft touch to the card, perfect for a newborn baby card. As you know, vellum is semi translucent. This means that also the glue can be seen through. I therefore used some brads on both top and bottom of the card and added some glue behind the center piece, to keep everything in place.

Vellum card by Crealotte Design

I decided to make this card completely cream and blue to keep the classic baby colours. As this card was meant as baptism card, I did not use a standard baby stamp, but added this little bird as sign of peace between earth and heaven.

Hope you liked this week’s card. Have a nice day!

Zodiac sign and assendance card

Hello everyone! Today I have a rather special card for you. This was a custom order from my best customer, who wanted a birth card featuring both the zodiac sign and ascendency of the baby. I had to study a bit, and look up how those signs were represented and this is what I came up with.

Zodiac sign on birth card - handmade by Crealotte Design

I love to personalize cards, it is always such a challenge!!! How do you like my take on the inquiry?

Dinosaur birthday card for boys

Hi folks!

Wonderful day today, isn’t it? Here in Belgium, the temperature rises till 30°C, quiet hot for us I would say! But I am not complaining! I love it…

As I didn’t have time to make pictures Dinosaur birthday card by Crealotteof my latest creations this week, I decided to show you this one today: it’s an old dinosaur birthday card I found in one of my computer folders, and I don’t think I shared it with you yet. So here it is…

I made this birthday card for my youngest brother a couple of years ago (We still lived in Canada at that time – “some nostalgia…” ). I love the little dinosaur, perfect for little boys! As the background is composed out of designer paper, this card came together quiet quickly. I would say, it is the colouring that took most of the time on this card.

And a little tip for you today:

Sometimes, we have to make a very quick card: A forgotten birthday or a last minute invitation or any other timely event. For those days, it is a good idea to keep a couple of premade items:

1) Have a stock of precut and prescored cardbases (approximately, one of each color).
2) Have a small box with precoloured images, so on a “last minute” project, you can add one of these images without spending lots of time on colouring, but still attaining the WOOW effect.
3) When designer series scraps are getting lost between newer, more fancy DSP, I cut them down to the layer one card size (i.e. 4 x 5 1/4 inch)

I’m off again, I still have lots of craft work to do…

A little flower for you – thank you card

Thank you cards are the ones we should use more often! It is so nice to know that someone appreciates your help or your “being there for them”. I thus decided it is important to say thanks more often. I’ll try to at least make one thank you card a month and send it to the persons I don’t acknowledge enough.

Handmade thank you card by Crealotte Design

What about you? Are you a better person than I am?

Hope you liked today’s thank you card…

Baby drawer card – baby boy congratulations

Hi everyone!

I am just hopping by very quickly as my time is “counted” lately. We have decided to add sport to our already very busy schedule, which eats away on my precious crafting time. But it is necessary and doing me very good. The nights after we go to the gym, I am able to sleep now! No more waking up in the middle of the night… Just great! But now, on top of that, I have a couple of big orders to fullfil, so the remaining crafting time I have is going into the making of birth announcements, baby favors and communion favors. All together this means I only have a little time to spend with you, to make pictures, to write blogposts, and so on. So I decided to schedule a couple of posts in advance and share with you some of my older cards for which I already have the pictures made, processed and uploaded online.

So here is the first one: my favorite baby drawer card. It is made based on the same fold as the “baby girl’s chest” post I shared with you a couple of years back, but I prefer the colors of this one. What about you?
Hand made baby drawer card by Crealotte
However, as I told you, I am just hopping by, thus no further chatting today. But if you want more information, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment, I will make time to answer as soon as I can.