Jules Verne’s Christmas

As says the title of today’s post, I’ll share with you a Christmas card I made for a Jules Verne fan. Jules Verne was a French writer often called “The Father of Science Fiction”. Moreover, he is often sead to be a “prophet” of scientific progress, as many of his novels involve elements of technology that were fantastic for his day but later (and still today) became commonplace.

Jules Verne's ChristmasSo to come back to my assignment to make a Christmas card  featuring something related to the fantastic world of Jules Verne, I thought about how I pictured his descriptions when reading his work. I then searched in my stash for stamps with gears or old timer cars, baloons etc. I ended up chosing this “Baloon observation” stamp from LaBlanche. Don’t you thinkt it looks old and futuristic? The stamped image is very large, so there is not much space for decoration, but I sponged the borders of my very vanilla cardstock, added some DSP to the bottom of the card and finished of with one of my border punches. I finally added a merry Christmas sentiment mounted on dimensionals and finished everything with a little bit of faux stiching.

Jules Verne's ChristmasHope you like it!!!


The Spirit of Christmas

Oh yes, it has begun, … The spirit of Christmas is in my craft room since august now, as those following my facebook page already know. But here I am with two months worth of Christmas related blog posts… Some older and some newer Christmas cards will be shared with you in the coming weeks. See if you get to find out which ones are old and which ones are new… 😉 .

Casper the Spirit of ChristmasThis card was ordered with the demand of making something personal: It is for a guy who believes in spirits. Although I didn’t find any idea at first, I suddenly thought of the little spook Casper (which I thought would be a nice and sweet Christmas spirit). And it came out of my fingers… I drew a Casper and Christmas hat in my svg program and cut it out with the cricut. The rest was finding the right designer series paper, stamping, punching, assembling, and ready it was… (hmm… I looked at starwars yesterday, seems yoda is inspiring my english… 😉 )

Christmas spirit cardHope you like it…

An authumn card for mum

Here is a card I made while thinking of my great mum. I make a lot of cards for her but for some reason they never hit the postbox… It’s a pitty, I know, but I am working hard to change!


I used the bleach technique on this one and I think it worked wonderfully!!! Look at the yellow color popping out of the burgundy… It makes me think of fading leaves while reflecting a warm feeling during this authumn period.

Hope you like it too. See ya!

Low flying bats for Halloween…

Happy Spooky day everyone!

I have here a little card I sent out to my friends in Canada for Halloween. It’s a pity that we do not celebrate Halloween here in Belgium. I have such great memories from when we went spooking around with our friends back when we lived over the ocean… But enough nostalgy, let’s get to business 😉 . As we do not celebrate Halloween here, I will only have one card for you. I cased this one from Martha Inchley back at inch of creativity.

IMG_9256I changed some details but really not so much, as I just loved her design. I like the color of the moon against the black of the card, It pops nicely. But I think a little cat stamped on top of the houses would be nice addition (but I don’t have any this size … yet … 😉 ). After a bit of searching I  finally found out which ink to use so that the stamped houses would be visible on the black card stock. Indeed most of my black inks just disappeared after drying. The only one which worked for me was the stayzon black ink. The scenery was sponged on Daffodil delight SU cardstock in black, Daffodil delight and more mustard SU ink. The rhinestones were colored with my sharpy markers and the ribbon is from Artemio I think. You did of course recognize the Holiday Home Photopolymer Stamp Set from Stampin’up! I love this stamp set, it is soooo versatile.
So, I’ll be off again, hope you liked today’s spooky card!

Be witchy tonight…

A trip around the globe

Oh yeah, another plane card… Yep, you are right, planes are part of my life as I am living with a pilot. The easy thing with planes on greeting cards is that you can put almost whatever color combo, it will always look masculine. For this reason, I would say that stamps featuring planes are a must have in everyone’s collection! It is just fast and easy to put together a masculine card with these stamps. Do you want other tips and tricks on making masculine cards easily? Check out my post on the subject: Tips and tricks for making masculine cards. But, in the meantime, here is my card for today:


The plane and sentiment on this card are from Stampin’up and the background is from Tim Holz. The colors are lucky limeade and island indigo, also from Stampin’up of course. Hope you like it!

What about a girls shopping night?

The card I share with you today was made for the sister of a friend of mine. She wanted something very feminine, pink preferably. It was for saint Catherine’s day, a special day where single girls celebrate together. I asked my friend if the “shopping theme” was a good idea (which it was), as I thought this was something girls like doing together. So this is what I came up with…


The little handbags are made using the cupcake punch from Stampin’up. The original design (three panels with circles in the middle) come from a card I made almost 4 years ago with Cindy Major (My great demo when I still lived in Canada). Make sure to go and check out her blog for more inspiration…

Showcase baby card study – The final winner

IMG_8827As a last post of the baby case study series I showcase here the card the parents chose and adapted to their taste. The design is almost identical to the “monkey business” cards except:
1) they asked me to design a baby feet embossing background (instead of the clouds),
2) the little bow got a new place,
3) they asked me to create a die cut with the baby’s name.

I made two full boxes of these and the parents added a picture of the newborn inside every card. Of course I added a little monkey to the envelope as I love coordinating things.

If you remember, I made a mini-album for these same parents using this design. If you want to see it, just follow this link: Personalized Baby Present.

So hope you liked my mini series! If you want to see the whole series again, look here: baby card case study series)

See ya…

Showcase baby card study – Toy blocks for Joseph

This is the seventh and last card of the baby case study series (for previous ones look here: baby card case study series). In my next post I will show you the winner… But for now, this little block card. I wanted to make a card with typical boy toys, so I chose to make blocks displaying a plane, a bus, a truck and a baloon. In the background I stamped a train in versamark. As for all the other cards, I changed colors again to give the parents an idea of the possibilities. I also printed the baby’s name in the accent color, to show the couple that also this was possible. I must admit that this was not my favorite card, but as I am never the customer, I kept it in the lot.IMG_8839So now, my favorites of the series were:
zoo babies again (the one with the elephant)
Monkey business
Baby boaty

What were your favorites? See my next post to see what it became…

Showcase baby card study – Baby Onesie

This is another one of my cards for the baby card case study series (for previous ones look here: baby card case study series). I was hoping this card would not be chosen as cutting out the onesies 4x per card x 70 cards would be a hell of a job… (and I don’t like cutting!). With this card I wanted to showcase a different sizing, so I chose square. I liked the little pink hart in the middle of all the bermuda bay. IMG_8698
How do you like it?

Showcase baby card study – Monkey Business

And here is take number 5 of my baby card case study series (for previous ones look here: baby card case study series). I like this one: a soft blue colour with a dark brown. I used the little monkey as I had heard the mum saying she really liked little monkeys on other cards I made… IMG_8692

To my opinion, this card does reflect character. It could even go for boy or girl … (as I told you before, I don’t mind blue for a girl…). I like the cloud embossing too. You may have noticed that I stamped a common sentiment, but I told the parents that I could replace it by the baby’s name for example. Just giving them options…. I wasn’t sure the bow would be ok for a boy though so proposed to change that if it wouldn’t be a girl.