A butterfly for my wonderful mother

Hi everyone,

I am back for a little challenge entry! It has been such a long time ago, and I had difficulties to get myself to make something fine enough to put up for a challenge. As my mojo didn’t come around, I decided to find some inspiration on one of my pinterest boards. The card I made is almost a complete case of the Swallowtail Butterfly card made by Brandy. I added a little bit more bling as this was the challenge proposed by the paper players this week. I will try to make my very own creation by the next challenge I will participate in, I just had to get started again (sorry for the lack of inspiration!). I also wanted to participate in the play date café challenge, where they propose to combine black, white and a splach of pink, so I used pink rhinestones to add bling and pink (although not exactly the right pink, but you gotta do with what you have isn’t it?). I made this card while thinking of my mother. I couldn’t send her a card for mother day this year as I was buried under an enormous pile of work and couldn’t make cards for quiet a while. I gave her a little mother day present just this weekend (1 month later :s) and now I have a card… I think I will give it to her anyway, and hope to do better next year.

IMG_8438Thank you Brandy for the inspiration!


Girl fun

Hi everyone,

These are two of the cards I made for the dance and gym teachers of my little Canadian friends (Whom we left behind, and I miss them soooo much). Look at the color change of the main image, nice, don’t you think? And the mirror effect? For the background I used patterned paper I once bought on ebay, so I don’t know the brand nor name. The main images and border stamp are from close to my heart, while I also used some SU stamps to decorate the purple and green paper strips. The sentiment was bought in a local store in Quebec and has no reference. Finally, of course, you’ve seen how I overlaid the lace border punch. I finished of the cards with pearls and jewels (the little girls love this!!!). Hope you liked this weeks cards!

See you next time and don’t hesitate to send me an email if you had any questions!

Dad’s shirt

Hi stampers,

This is one of the cards we will be making at our next stamping class. This cute little shirt opens up just beneath the collar, but unfortunately I forgot to make a picture of that. I love making these bit “unusual” cards, as they  get  the woow out of people… For this card you need approximately one sheet of DSP and some ribbon, tissue or buttons for the decoration (I used ribbon on anthor of these cards to create a tie). And it fits in a regular envelope :).

So hope you like it! See ya next week…

Hello Kitty birthday gift

Hi everyone,

I worked a lot on a little project a couple of weeks ago which was running around in my head for some time. There is this little, lovely girl I had to leave behind when we left Canada, and I miss her sooooo much. It was her birthday a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to get her something special. But you know how life can be, I didn’t have the time to get to it… BUT even though her birthday is over, I still wanted to make her this special gift.

IMG_8363IMG_8366As you can see on the pictures, I made her a complete hello kitty jewellery set with matching greeting card. I have to stress that I made all the beads myself using polymer clay. I designed a cane and reduced it to a ¼ inch diameter. Both the process of designing the cane and the building of a complex cane were a very first for me, and I am quiet happy with the result! However, I must admit that, although I did not completely follow it, I found a “Hello Kitty cane” example on the net, which made the task easier (see here). Building the cane took me 3h, followed by 1.5h bead making/cutting/rolling, baking, 1h sanding and finally assembling the set. So it took me almost the whole day, but the little girl is worth it! The necklace is closed with sliding knots, so she can adjust the length of the necklace at her convenience. For the card, I used my cricut and a free download I found here.

So hope she likes it and hope you do too,

see ya later!!!

Pilot instructor cards

Dear blog friends,

I don’t have a lot of time to come and visit you on blogland lately (boohoo…). But don’t think I forgot you! I am working hard to get an office space at home where I can sit and surf around the net easily. We left Canada a couple of months ago and settling down in Europe hasn’t been easy. I hope to be back on track and crafty again soon as I think I will have a nervous breakdown if I don’t! But anyway, these are a couple of cards I made for my friend at the moment he acquired his pilot licence. He wanted some personalized cards for his teachers and this is that I came up with. The background is stamped with the ‘in plane sight’ stamp set (At least, I think it is called this way, I am in the train and have no possibility to check, so, sorry I am wrong!) and the clouds are sponged. The main image is Tim Holz I think and the sentiment reads “thank you”. I, of course, decorated both the envelope and the inside of the cards. Hope the instructors did like these, my friend did for sure!

Have a nice day!


Love is in the air – Butterflies

Hi everyone,

I finally got a very little bit of time to prepare another set of posts. I have to admit that, since the move, I have no time left at all! I prepared my blog posts in advance (during November), so that my blog would fire one post every week till January 15th. I thought this would give me time to settle and arrange a new craft room, but unfortunately, we aren’t quiet ready yet! We just found a house and will be moving in around February 15th. So no space nor time to scrap (AND I MISS IT SOOOO). On top of that, I lost my PC battery charger during the move, meaning I don’t have a personal computer any more! So even keeping up to date while surfing on your blogs has become difficult :s . I hope everything will get in order soon.

Luckily, I still have pictures of past projects (19 to be exact, I really need to get crafty again!). This is a wedding card I made a year ago, I think. I wanted to add some dimension to my card by using these folded butterflies. I intend to include this card (and the folding technique) in one of my coming classes (as soon as I am up and running again). Of course you recognize the dotted scallop punch from stampin’up. I used some thread to sew little stiches through the little holes to bring some interest to the punched border. The sentiment reads: “congratulations!”. All stamps are stampin’up, however, as my stash isn’t out yet I can’t tell you the name of the stamp sets they belong to, sorry.

Hope you like this week’s card, I’ll try to be back next week with another of my hidden projects!


In Plane sight!

Dear friends,

Today I share with you a masculine card I made some time ago. My boyfriend wanted me to make a card using planes. He loves planes (he is a private pilot) so much I’m afraid he will come home some day and tell me he found the perfect plane-house for us to live in :s . But anyway, this is what I came up with :

The plane stamp is from Tim Holtz and the sentiment is from SU. The background is made with the polished stone technique. I kept the design very simple but I hit the rose with it. Although it wasn’t his birthday, my boyfriend took the birthday card and it now shines in the middle of his wooden plane collection. Hope you like it too !


Merry, Merry Christmas everyone!

Today I will be very short. I made this card in two versions, a golden one and a blue one. It is part of a card box I made, containing 5 assorted cards and envelopes. The shaker box is made with 3D foam, a window sheet and glitter. If you want to make one of these yourself I would recommend you to take away all the static on your window sheet before adhering it to your project because all your glitter will adhere to your window sheet and you won’t be able to see through your window anymore.


The whole card box content:

The golden version:

This was my last post for my “last run till Christmas” series. Hope you liked it! Merry Christmas and see you back next year!


Hi everyone,

This is the third card for my “last run till Christmas” series. It’s a very simple card for which you don’t need a lot of different supplies. By saying this, I mainly think of my latest new customers which don’t have a lot of supplies yet and would still love to make some Christmas cards. Note the can clip I used to make the buckle. This card would fit perfectly in my “home supply” card class where I show of different cards made with household material. I love this workshop as my customers usually say “Woow, why didn’t I think of that! I can make really nice cards without getting ruined!”. Hope this card inspires you to come out of your trusted supply list and try to use different “non-crafting” related materials.

I am sorry for the bad picture, but you get the idea! See ya next time…

LAST RUN TILL CHRISTMAS : Recessed window – Christmas lodge

Hi everyone,

Oh yes, December has started! Its time to do some holiday shopping. Normally, I am starting my holiday shopping in July or August. I hate to run through stores to search for the best Christmas gift, so I start collecting the Christmas presents months in advance and I don’t have to worry about anything anymore at the end. But this year with the move and all, I am not ready at all! Luckily, my Christmas cards are ready since quiet some time, so I don’t have to worry about those. Today I share with you one of the cards I used for a Christmas class. Several stamps from the Christmas lodge stamps set are used on this card (in and out). As you can see, I made a little recessed window in which I glued a piece of very vanilla card stock stamped with the lodge. I added some stickles to the roof to give it a nice snowy look, but that’s almost impossible to visualize on photo. You should come along and have a look at it yourself to see the lovely texture! I left the borders of my window plain, but decorated the inside a bit more.

Hope you like it!