Summer bracelet: sky blue and warm purple

IMG_8904Oh, here I am back with some of my jewellery. I know, I don’t post them enough any more lately,…  I promise to try to do this better in the future. The problem is getting them all photographed! But summer is coming back, I’ll have plenty of natural sunlight in the coming months… It’s picture time!!!IMG_8903This summer bracelet contains polaris beads, swarovski crystals, silver plated beads and some pearls and glass beads. Check out my etsy shop to see the matching earrings too! Doesn’t the colour combination make you think of summer? I love the combination if the light sky blue and the deep warm purple colour. Looks like poppies in the sky!

Don’t hesitate to ask your personalized jewellery. I do all kinds of requests: size color and design customizations!

Is your style soft and feminine?

IMG_8919This bracelet is the perfect gift for any young and stylish woman. The soft colour reflects kindness and is perfect for that girl you love.

IMG_8913This feminine bracelet comes with a matching pair of earrings, which you may find in my etsy shop (together with the bracelet in one listing).

Hope you like this week’s design!

Stylish and hip all at once…

Hi peeps,

Today I’ll share with you a bracelet I made during the spring. I just looove it and wear it quiet often. I also made a pair of earrings to go along with it, but I forgot to make a picture. I will maybe add it later on.



I love  the romantic and stylish look of the bracelet. The big beads are cateye glass beads and immitation velvet beads. You will find a copy of this bracelet and earring set in my etsy shop, so go along and have a look if you would like to give a set as a present for your friend or to get one for yourself…

Here is a detail of the dragonfly clasp. Nice, isn’t it?

IMG_8896Hope you like it!!!

Pick a color: Royal blue!


It has been a while since I shared one of my jewelry creations, so I decided to show you this classy set today. It is made of chunky blue goldstone beads, silver plated swirly beads, glass pearls and miracle beads. For more details go to my online store.
Tell me how you like it…

For a warm sunny day!

Hi guys!

The weather is top again: full sun, warm, no clouds… What could we be hoping more? Oh yeah, not to be sick as hell. Indeed, I don’t feel good at all: I am home since one week now and just don’t seem to get any better. Most of the time I am in bed and doing nothing, really frustrating! But today I have a very little bit of energy and I thought I could share this set with you. I made it last month but did not have the time to post it yet. So here it is…

IMG_8889I love these orange beads. I bought these when we still lived in Canada and … “Oh what do I miss the local bead stores!” I don’t seem to find these nice bead shops here in Europe, really frustrating!!! Luckily, the internet exists to ease my pain 🙂 .

IMG_8893And a close-up of the earrings…

IMG_8890I hope you liked these! Don’t forget, if you want this set, go to my store before they are sold!


Purple amethyst wire necklace

Hi everyone,

Today I share with you part of an I got for Christmas. This necklace and earrings are made of silver pleated copper wire, real amethyst chips and swarovski crystals. It took me a while before the inspiration came, but luckily, I had some time to think about it. And then, one day, when I was sitting in the sofa, it just came to me. I immediately made it, and I was really happy with how it turned out! Hope you like it too…

purple amethyst wire necklace

Miracle bead bracelet

Hi everyone,

Today I’ll share with you a bracelet I made in no time. I just had the inspiration and it came out of my fingers as if I had made it so many times already. It is made of the real Japanese miracle beads, swarovski pearls and antiqued silver pleated “swirly” beads and spacers. I made it for a friend of mine at work, and I know she likes the beautiful toggle clasps, so I added one of those. I think she likes it too…

miracle bed bracelet


Malachite wire wrapped bracelet

Hi everyone,

The bracelet I want to share today has been made before summer, but did not make the pictures and write the post to show it to you. Oh yes, life is not getting easier and time is still not strehing (althoug I would love it to!). This bracelet is made of imitation malachite beads which are wrapped in silver plated copper wire. I made another version of this one earlier, you can find it over here: pink stone wire wrapped bracelet.

malachite wire wrapped bracelet 2 - crealotte design Malachite wire wrapped bracelet 1 - Crealotte Design

Hope you liked it!

Have a nice day,


Dandling earrings

Hi Bloggers,

Another very quick post today. I wanted to share this pair of dandling earrings. It was made in a mum of time and I was happy with it! Love it when something comes quickly together.


Have a nice day peeps,


black and white jewelry set

Hi bloggers,A very quick post for today. This is a necklace with matching earrings I made a while back. The picture might not be the best one I ever made, but I hope you see enough to appreciate the beauty in it. As you might see, this one is made of polymer clay beads and black onyx chips and the links are silver plated. It is an everyday jewelry set, which I appreciate as I don’t like spending hours choosing out the best fit to my clothing. Just the same set the whole week, great!

black jewelry set black jewelry setHope you like it!