Caged cat eye bead bracelet and earrings

Hi Folks!

I am back with one of my latest creations. I haven’t much time this eve, so I’ll be short. I made the cages (wire wraps) surrounding the beads with silver plated wire. Of course I had to make some earrings to go along with it too. Hope you like it!

IMG_8497 IMG_8500 IMG_8502

Special order : coral necklace

Hi peeps,

Time for me to show off some jewelery. You may have noticed that I started posting my jewelery creations again. My friends have been asking to put my latest creations online, so they could keep up. I have a lot of orders lately (not complaining at all !), and it takes me so much time that I can’t write my posts anymore. But here I am with the third one :


I made this necklace as a complement to the coral bracelet (see this previous post). One of my clients ordered the coral bracelet, a pair of earrings and a matching necklace for his wife’s birthday. So I made this three row necklace. I used several sizes of red seed beads, coral beads and silver plated beads and findings. The picture is not very good, but I had no time to make nice pictures as I was already late on schedule to deliver the package to my client (I luckily got just in time for her birthday), but I hope you get the idea !

Have a nice day !



Pink wire wrapped bracelet : case study

Hi everyone,

I am back with some of my jewelry creations !

I encountered this kind of bracelets several times on Etsy and google images and thought I could give it a shot too. I had some difficulties to figure it out in the beginning, but I think I finally made it:)! This is a pink stone version of the wire wrapped bracelet. You can find the different versions in my etsy store…IMG_8394 IMG_8393Hope you liked it…

See ya !

Chunky style necklace and matching earrings : Case study

IMG_8402I found this nice necklace on pinterest and wanted to make something of it. Although the temptation was big to completely copy the design, I thougth it was better to make a different version while keeping some details. So I kept the big chunky bead in the middle and the part with the multiple rows. I however made a longer version of the necklace as I thought this would better fit with my design and completely changed the set of beads used.

IMG_8404The beads are : yellow agate, labradorite chips, tiger eye beads and miracle beads. They are intercalated by different colors of seed beads. Can you image that the necklace (and its earrings) were sold one week later ?



Hello Kitty birthday gift

Hi everyone,

I worked a lot on a little project a couple of weeks ago which was running around in my head for some time. There is this little, lovely girl I had to leave behind when we left Canada, and I miss her sooooo much. It was her birthday a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to get her something special. But you know how life can be, I didn’t have the time to get to it… BUT even though her birthday is over, I still wanted to make her this special gift.

IMG_8363IMG_8366As you can see on the pictures, I made her a complete hello kitty jewellery set with matching greeting card. I have to stress that I made all the beads myself using polymer clay. I designed a cane and reduced it to a ¼ inch diameter. Both the process of designing the cane and the building of a complex cane were a very first for me, and I am quiet happy with the result! However, I must admit that, although I did not completely follow it, I found a “Hello Kitty cane” example on the net, which made the task easier (see here). Building the cane took me 3h, followed by 1.5h bead making/cutting/rolling, baking, 1h sanding and finally assembling the set. So it took me almost the whole day, but the little girl is worth it! The necklace is closed with sliding knots, so she can adjust the length of the necklace at her convenience. For the card, I used my cricut and a free download I found here.

So hope she likes it and hope you do too,

see ya later!!!

Random necklace and matching earrings

Hi surfers,

Today I share with you a necklace and earring set that has a lot of success among my customers. I made it in different colors and they are all sold. People compliment me a lot when I wear one of these, of course my first reaction is: thank you, I made it! 🙂 It’s always nice to hear that people like what you make (even when they don’t know you made it). I call the necklace “random” because it falls differently every time you move. With the colored facet glass beads it reflects light and catches the eye of everyone you encounter. Hope you like it too!

red resin necklace and earrings

Dear friends,

Today I will share with you one of my earlier creations. This necklace and earring set is made out of bordeau hemp (less dark in real compared to picture), resin beads and glass beads. This subtle set is a must have for everyday wearing. Hope you like it!

Come by my etsy store to check out my other jewerly for sale!

Have a nice crafty day !


Green cage necklace and earring set

Dear friends,

Today I have some confessions to make. As you have noticed, my posting isn’t very regular anymore lately and I can finally tell you why. There are big changes coming up in our lives : We are moving back to Europe. Yes, our Canada years are over. Of course we are leaving with a bit of regret as we loved living here, but going back closer to family is a good feeling too. The only thing is that we only have 2 months to set up the cross Atlantic move. We work hard to get all our papers ready, to finish up our jobs here and to fill boxes (every day a bit). So, that’s why I’m less present lately and I am sorry for that, but I promise I will try to get to my blog and share some of my previous work with you every time I have a little spare time. I still have some open orders, so anyway, I will be crafting although less intensely.

But enough about me, here is one f the two of the green « cage » necklaces (as I call it) I made this summer. I made several of these with blue or red miracle pearls (which were sold immediately) and I thought I would try it with different kinds of beads. These ones contain imitation pearls, miracle beads and silver-foil glass beads. The wire-wrapping is made of aluminium. The  pair of earrings are made of those same beads mounted on headpins.  I hope you like this necklace – earring set! Don’t forget you can get yours on etsy !

Have a nice crafty day !


Black and white torsade necklace

Hi everyone,

It is time for me to share another of my jewellery creations. This necklace was made in the very beginning of my jewellery adventure. It contains different kinds of beads, including white pearls, glass teardrop beads, crackled glass beads, silver foil beads etc. Every bead mounted on the black wire has been twisted to create this “torsade” look.

Hope you like it! Don’t forget you can visit my etsy store if you want to order this necklace!

Have a great day,



Coral, such natural beauty

Hi bloggies,

Today my Wednesday post on Wednesday! Don’t you feel the improvement 😉 ?

The jewellery set I share with you today is this coral bracelet and ring. I personally LOOOVE the bracelet. I am working on a second one (for one of my friends) because I don’t sell this one (I just can’t separate from it 😉 ). Besides the coral chips, I also added some Czech glass beads to give it more shine and reflection. The beads are mounted onto black copper wire and finished with a nice closing. The ring is made of those same  beads and are mounted onto copper wire as well. Hope you like it!

Any questions? Just shoot me an email!