Romantic tour? Black and white necklace.

Hi friends,

It is Wednesday today, which means I have to make some jewellery pics. The kit I want to share with you today is this black and white set made of nacre (square beads), glass facet beads, Czech glass seed beads , miracle beads (white) and black metal beads. I made this very feminine set because I sold my deep blue nacre bead set (click here to see some pics of this deep blue set) and I really needed an other romantic style set in my collection. Tell me how you like it!

Have a nice Wednesday, the week is already half way through 🙂 !

PS. This set is for sale on my etsy store! Just come along and have a look…

Turquoise necklace

Hi everyone,

I know I haven’t kept my promise to keep posting all my handmade jewellery, I was on holiday in the WILD  WEST 😉 . But I am back now, so I decided to start out by sharing this necklace with you. Hope you like it!

See ya later!!!

PS: My jewelry is for sale at my etsy store!

Blue crackled glass necklace and earrings

Hi everyone,

Today I’ll share with you one of the jewelry pieces that catches the eye every time I wear it. This three-row neclace is very simple, but it catches the light so well that draws the attention almost immediately. Hope you like it…

Shoot me an email if you want to order one of these.

See ya next week,


Organza and hemp jewelry set

Hi everyone,

This week a different kind of jewellery set using silver foil filled pearls, orange and natural colored hemp and two tints of orange organza. Hope you like it…

Don’t forget you may send me an email if you want more info or desire to purchase any of the products shown on this site.

Have a nice Day,


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Deep blue nacre necklace and earrings

Hi everyone,

As promised, here is my weekly jewellery post. This necklace is made out of nacre rectangular beads (in a blue so deep, I just love it), fresh water pearls and miracle beads. I made this set on a warm afternoon while I was sitting in the garden enjoying the sun. I think that may be why I like this one so much, it reminds me of the warm sunshine on my face…

Hope you like it, and don’t forget, if you would like to have a set like this yourself, just shoot me an email…


CASE study

Hi blogies,

On a general demand, I will be posting some of my latest jewelry creations once every week during the next 3 months. Don’t worry, my cards and paper projects will still come up every Monday too, there will just be a second blog post every week. So here is the first one. My friend sent me a picture of some nice jewelry and asked me if I could make it for her. She didn’t realize that the necklace was placed on a table and that the design would completely change once worn because of the weight of the beads. So I had to come up with a way to keep the design in place while worn. So I decided to use a metal base and this is what I came up with. The picture was difficult to make as the fine diameter of the necklace didn’t allow a white background. Hope you like it…

If you want more information or would like to place an order, just shoot me an email…

Pearls and nacre

Dear friends,

Today I’ll share with you some jewelry I made for my sister’s 25th birthday. She got it last week, so it is safe for me now to show it to all of you. It’s made out of pearls and nacre beads. The design, is my own and came out of my fingers just by thinking of my sister, I love it when it is that easy… I made her a whole kit: earrings, necklace, ring and bracelet. Hope you like it (my sister surely did!)…

See ya next week…

Cat eye bracelet

Hi everyone,

No card this time. I made this bracelet last month at my jewelry club . Ya, I go to this jewelry club every week, its fun to meet with people who share the same passions. Of course, I had to make a little card stock box to put it in (always have to add some paper crafting :). Hope you like it…



Paper beads as jewelry

Hi everyone,

Quiet a different post today: I finally made some jewelry again. The project I’m showing you today is partially made of handcrafted paper beads. I’ve spent quiet some time making the beads, but I love the outcome! I, as many people, use handcrafted jewelry to help express a form of individuality and how I feel on any given day. That’s why, I think, making your own  jewelry is so fun!

Tell me how you like it! (and don’t forget, you may contact me if you want a similar one added to your collection!)