What about a personalized baby album as birth present?

Hi Folks,

Today I’ll share with you a present I made for friends who just became the parents of the little Joseph. I wanted to make something special, so I decided to make a 1 year album in which they had 1 page per month to add pictures of the growing baby.


IMG_8835 IMG_8834I also made some matching embellishements and month tags they could add when putting in the pictures.

IMG_8832 Hope you like it!


Any suggestions or remarks? Please do leave me your comments… I’ll certainly answer you!

Halloween scrapbook page

Hi bloggies,

This summer I was preparing my Halloween classes for which I prepared different kinds of punch art figurines and thought they would be nice on a scrapbook page. I dug up some pictures from last year, where I got a visit from the children of my best friend. I must admit they were so wonderfully dressed up ! It was my first Halloween experience and I loved it ! I got them tons of goodies, I don’t even know if they were able to finish them! My scrapbook page was finished quickly except for the glitter web I made as it took several days to dry. Do you recognize the border I used? It’s made out of the ornament punch! I always love to find out new ways to use a punch, this way I can reassure myself I did not buy a seasonal product but that I can use it all year long! Don’t know how you like it, but I was quiet happy with the results! Hope you like it too…

See you next week!

Winter Wonderland Scrapbook Page

Hi everyone,

First day of the week for most of us. I sometimes really hate Mondays. Especially when I had a wonderful weekend. Yesterday, we went to the Lac Saint Joseph in Quebec and spent our afternoon on a boat with some friends. I will try to make my scrapbook page as soon as possible so I can share it with you soon. But today a whole other scrapbook page. I know I didn’t share scrapbook pages yet on my blog, but I promise to try to show you one from time to time. There is a scrapbook class coming up this fall, so I will be preparing different pages in the months to come. This one is from one of our snow journeys this winter. Another beautiful day: -20°C and full sun, just great! Although I love summer, I sometimes would love to experience one of those cold winter days again… But let’s not call for it, summer is great too 🙂 !

Lots of pictures on this page and a bit dispersed, I know. I wanted to give it a spontaneous feeling as we didn’t organize this day at all, so I didn’t want to give my page an organized look neither… 🙂

On this page, I created snow using the tearing technique and addition of some stickles. The picture isn’t great but it really gives a wonderful look (and feeling) in real!

If you have any questions regarding this page, just shoot me an email!

See ya!