Why I love all kinds of crafts?

Hidiho everyone!

What I love about all crafts is that I can make or transform whatever I like to exactly what I love. That’s why today I wanted to share something a bit different from the usual paper crafts and jewellery designs I normally display on this blog. Indeed I wanted to introduce you to my new buddy: The Phoebe bag! I needed a new bigger bag and did not want to wander through the stores. Moreover, I don’t have to make concessions such as: “I love the design of this bag but I prefer the colours they offer on the other design… Which one should I choose?”. I just made the bag I needed the way I wanted it.


Hope you liked it!

Here you have the link to the tutorial I used: http://www.rebekalambert.com/artsycrafty_babe/2009/06/the-people-have-spoken.html