Showcase baby card study – The final winner

IMG_8827As a last post of the baby case study series I showcase here the card the parents chose and adapted to their taste. The design is almost identical to the “monkey business” cards except:
1) they asked me to design a baby feet embossing background (instead of the clouds),
2) the little bow got a new place,
3) they asked me to create a die cut with the baby’s name.

I made two full boxes of these and the parents added a picture of the newborn inside every card. Of course I added a little monkey to the envelope as I love coordinating things.

If you remember, I made a mini-album for these same parents using this design. If you want to see it, just follow this link: Personalized Baby Present.

So hope you liked my mini series! If you want to see the whole series again, look here: baby card case study series)

See ya…

Showcase baby card study – Toy blocks for Joseph

This is the seventh and last card of the baby case study series (for previous ones look here: baby card case study series). In my next post I will show you the winner… But for now, this little block card. I wanted to make a card with typical boy toys, so I chose to make blocks displaying a plane, a bus, a truck and a baloon. In the background I stamped a train in versamark. As for all the other cards, I changed colors again to give the parents an idea of the possibilities. I also printed the baby’s name in the accent color, to show the couple that also this was possible. I must admit that this was not my favorite card, but as I am never the customer, I kept it in the lot.IMG_8839So now, my favorites of the series were:
zoo babies again (the one with the elephant)
Monkey business
Baby boaty

What were your favorites? See my next post to see what it became…

Showcase baby card study – Monkey Business

And here is take number 5 of my baby card case study series (for previous ones look here: baby card case study series). I like this one: a soft blue colour with a dark brown. I used the little monkey as I had heard the mum saying she really liked little monkeys on other cards I made… IMG_8692

To my opinion, this card does reflect character. It could even go for boy or girl … (as I told you before, I don’t mind blue for a girl…). I like the cloud embossing too. You may have noticed that I stamped a common sentiment, but I told the parents that I could replace it by the baby’s name for example. Just giving them options…. I wasn’t sure the bow would be ok for a boy though so proposed to change that if it wouldn’t be a girl.

Showcase baby card study – Baby boaty

And here is number 4 of the baby case study series (for previous ones look here: baby card case study series). A very simple yet stunning design without the classic blue or pink colors. Indeed, when I designed this card I didn’t know if the parents wanted a blue/pink version or if they were like me: not liking pink and don’t caring blue… Don’t understand me wrong, I LOOOVE blue! But I don’t mind blue for a girl. So instead of blue or pink, I tried the combination of brown and green. IMG_8841

I had seen the design of the little boat quiet often over the years and kind of liked it, so I decided to try it out. I had a lot of compliments on this card since I made it, thus it would definitely be among the winners…

Showcase baby card study – Personalized embossing

This is the 3rd card of the baby case study series (for previous ones look here: baby card case study series). I wanted to showcase the possibility of “personalized embossing” on this card. You may indeed have noticed, that I dry embossed the baby’s name on the card. I didn’t want anything to interfere with the impression the embossing made so I kept the design pretty simple and without embellishments around the embossing. IMG_8843

Of course, the idea was that the parents could include this embossing on a more sophisticated design, or even realize the potential of personalized embossing (and they have as you will see on the last version in a couple of days…). You may recognize the little train from Fiskars, but that’s actually the only thing I put on this card.
Hope you like the idea of personalized embossing! See ya …

Showcase baby card study – zoo babies again

Hi folks,

I remember having promised you to post the whole series of cards I made as “examples” for a couple of friends which asked me to make their baby announcement cards. Well, I did showcase the first one (follow the link:  a girly giraffe), but none of the others came on line due to lack of time for making pics and writing posts. Therefore, this time, I prepared all my posts and you will be getting them all in the comming weeks!
On everyone of the cards I tried to showcase something different (color, texture, sketch, …) so that the parents could have an idea of what was possible, and combine in the end the different elements they liked from the different cards to make their own personalized baby announcement card set.

IMG_8842So here is the first one: I knew the mom liked the zoo babies stamp set, so I tried to use the baby animals on my cards. I also added this kind of window under which I placed the elephant. I liked both the colors and the sketch on this one. What do you like?

Showcase baby card study – A girly giraffe

Hi folks,

This is one of the cards I made for a birth announcement order. I made 6 or 7 designs for both girls and boys as at the moment of the order we didn’t know which it would be. I’ll be posting these over the coming weeks and this is the first one:IMG_8840This was a more standard card and I think it would fit better as a baby congrats card. I didn’t personalize it neither as I was looking to see what the parents had in mind. What do you think? Feel free to comment!