Scraproom Desaster

Happy New Year!!!! All the best wishes to all of you…

I will be starting the new year by sharing my scraproom with you (more like a junk room if you ask me). I hope this will motivate me to get it cleaned up in the coming days! Indeed, with the high amount of Christmas orders I had, I did not find the time to make some order during/after crafting. Both my paper scrapping and my jewelry making sides have been overwhelmed with craft materials. However, the festivities are over now and the new orders for 2014 are emergeing already, so it’s time to get over with this mess. See for yourself:

Stamping side (I had to put away crafting-stuff on the ground to be able to make a picture!):

photo 1 Jewelry making side (I even invaded this side with my heatgun as I did’t have enough space left on the other side :s ):

photo 2Central island (where everything comes together: papercrafting, knitting, sewing, jewelry making, etc… A real mess too):

photo 3

When I asked my friend how much time it would take me to get this cleaned up, he estimated a approximately 1,5 hours. I estimate more something like 5 hours. What do you think? I’ll keep you posted!

Have fun to those of you who are still enjoying the holidays, and heads up for those who started working again! I’ll start digging in my mess to get you a nice “cleaned up” image soon!